Cooking is messy. It's one of those things which you really only learn by doing, not just by reading or watching. And along the way you make mistakes or have disasters - particularly the more you experiment, and the more you experiment with things you are not familiar with! Although when you see a beautiful glossy cookbook written by a professional - you don't see those bits. You don't see the process. You only see the perfectly wonderful stylish and stylised end results. So, partly to make you laugh, and partly to say 'don't worry about not being perfect and don't worry about the mistakes - they're all part of the process', we've included a few bloopers. When we started to work on recipes, I hadn't really used lentils for years. This was my first, rather overzealous and mushy attempt at soaking some lentils for a vegetable broth - which was only meant to serve 2!

lentil blooper

I really wanted to make a chunky lemony flapjack, like one I used to buy and love, but this was version 15 or so and I still couldn't get it right! Actually, I think lost the will to keep track after about the tenth attempt! The flapjack never did make it into our recipes, but my neighbourly birds became very fat and happy in the process. In fact, I ended up with an enormous flock of regular birdy visitors by the time we finished!

flapjack blooper

Happy experimenting!

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