Parsley's Story...

What can I say about Parsley - like every other Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that ever existed, she is a gentle loving dog, who loves nothing better than having her tummy rubbed, especially if its full of biscuits!

Keep off my bone!

Parsley was one of a group of 28 puppies which were bought in the UK with a view to shipping and selling them in the US. Unfortunately, the owners left all 28 puppies in a car with no water or ventilation in the middle of Maidstone on a baking hot day while they popped off for a spot of lunch.

Fortunately, the car was parked near a pub, and the puppies distress was noticed in time - the customers broke into the car, got them all out and gave them water - and the RSPCA and police were called.

When the owners returned they agreed to give the puppies to the RSPCA if they weren't prosecuted, so the RSPCA were then left with 28 puppies to find homes for, or rather 27, as they didn't all survive the ordeal.

Parsley on mat

Having put my name down straightway, I then had to pick which puppy I wanted (though I would have quite happily have taken them all!) They were all smelly, scruffy little balls of fur, desperate for attention, but Parsley stood out as one of the biggest, but one of the most timid.

I visited her a few times before she was allowed to be adopted - in all that time she was too scared to do anything but sit quietly on my lap. It took a visit from Jess, who was then two, to make her start behaving like a puppy - Jess crawled behind her under some tables and out from between Parsley's legs came this enormous wagging tail!

Waiting for biscuits

You wouldn't realise it was the same dog now - she's so happy and full of life and is genuinely pleased to meet everyone, especially if they rub her tummy!

We had a bit of a hiccup when Ty was first brought into the house, but now they are firm friends, and back each other up against the world. She loves nothing better than chasing Ty around the park, though when Ty looks around Parsley pretends she was chasing something else.

Known by our plumber as the dog with the hairiest feet in the world, Parsley can go out on a walk looking like royalty and return covered in mud and leaves, with Ty walking beside her looking as clean as when we set off.

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