Ty's Story...

Very little is known about Ty's early life. She was born around the time of the tsunami in Phuket, Thailand, and lived near the temple there, begging for food.

Thaibite in Thailand

When she was around four months old, she first met Paul, my husband, who had an instant rapport with the little scrap, and fed her ice-cream, much to the chagrin of many of his colleagues.

Paul had gone to the Thailand to help identify Tsunami victims, and often returned to the hotel after a long working day feeling very down, only to have his spirits raised again by Ty, who waited patiently for his return.

Such loyalty couldn't go unrewarded - after much wrangling both in Thailand and the UK, Ty was able to fly to the UK with Paul, and after the 6 months quarantine had been served, was welcomed properly into our family home.

Thaibite in UK

It took a little while for her and Parsley to get on - Parsley had enjoyed being the only spoiled dog in the house, and Ty didn't like the competition. Once they realised there was plenty of love and food to go around, they relaxed in each others company and we haven't looked back.

She's been here for over five years now, and I can't imagine ever being without her - not that she's an angel, the chewed toys and flinching postmen paying testimony to that. She finds the cold winters a bit of a problem, but has developed a cunning knack of always finding the warmest spot in the house - usually somebodies lap. She has the most enormous claws and is able to get into everything, including closed doors, and can hear the fridge door opening from three streets away - but a more loving dog you could never imagine.

No matter how bad your day has been, you are always guaranteed a thousand wags and a couple of dozen licks from Ty!

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