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miscellaneous | courgette ribbons

Serves 2

This is really simple and quick and easy - and a perfect accompaniment for lots of other dishes. Sometimes I get stuck using favourite recipes and have to remember to try new ones! And sometimes I think I am guilty of thinking dishes need to be dressed up or more fancy than they need to be! With courgettes, I must admit, I tend to slice them and roast them or stir-fry batons of them, if I am using them as a side vegetable - or they get combined with lots of other things in a main dish. Now, my partner isn't too fussed on courgettes either, but he loved this way of cooking them - which is always a good sign!

Wheat free, dairy free, nut free, meat free version...



  1. Using a potato peeler, shave ribbons of courgette - working lengthways.
  2. Heat the oil in a pan and add the ribbons, with a little salt, stirring frequently but gently. Don't let them stick.
  3. Cook for literally a few minutes - they shouldn't take long at all.
  4. Season with pepper and serve as a bed for something, on the side, or pile on top of another dish.

Maybe serve with...

These are great with the savoury twist on an afternoon tea, cottage pie, pashley pasta, herby sausages, mini mountains of mashed potato, mushroom and herb provencal.

For those able to eat wheat...

Serve with a sprinkling of toasted breadcrumbs mixed through or add a clove of chopped garlic to the oil and simply stir through pasta with some pine nuts for a quick lunch.

If you have any courgettes left, see canoe of courgette, savoury twist on an afternoon tea and Mediterranean skewers.

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