Vegan Entertaining

Having problems thinking up exciting menus for a vegan dinner party- look no further!

Here are 4 fantastic menus to mix and match to make your meal very happy indeed!

Menu 1

Leek and potato soup and chunks of bread

Fantastic herby sausages, simple leek and olive mash, sublime cranberry, port and shallot sauce and mixed vegetables

Apple crumble and vegan cream

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Menu 2

Mushroom and sherry soup

Individual vegan cottage pie (and maybe your vegan guest can share the same vegetables as other guests be careful not to add butter or cream glazes/sauces though)

Apple and sherry towers with soya cream

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Menu 3

Basil bean bruscetta

Quick wrap mushroom parcels with wild rice salad and minted green beans or sugar snap peas (you could also add caramelised onion relish if you had time)

Sublime vegan chocolate pots

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Menu 4

Quick chicory and walnut salad (add some new potatoes or/and dates) with thinly sliced bread and vegan margarine (marks and spencers do a fantastic dairy free spread)

Mushroom and herb provencal, potato wedges and mixed vegetables

Warm baked figs and vegan ice cream

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